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Michael Mwenso is a bandleader, co-founder of Electric Root, EMMY Award winning creator, curator and creative artist. Mwenso’s unique lifelong geographical and spiritual journey has led him to possess a perspective unlike any other in this time. His childhood was rooted in West Africa where he was raised by strong, intelligent African women. As a teenager in London, he faced a period of personal uncertainty, as his mother was deported, where he found solace in Black music and where the greatest artists of all time, like James Brown, became his mentors and guiding stars. In his late twenties, Mwenso was brought to New York City by famed jazz artist, Wynton Marsalis to helm the late night at Dizzy’s Club and curate at Jazz at Lincoln Center. The influence of his arrival profoundly impacted the music and arts scene of NYC. He then built a community across the United States through his vehicle of love expression, Mwenso and the Shakes. Now through the umbrella of Electric Root co-founded with Jono Gasparro - he spends his energy on spreading the message of Black music to uplift, heal and empower individuals and communities across our divided nation.

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